Sirloin Steak

grilled & served with caramelized onions, with vegetables & chips

Mix Grill

a selection of marinated lamb cubes, chicken cubes, Cilician
skewer & lamb cutlet, served with vegetables & rice

Lamb Cutlets

marinated with fresh oregano & grilled, served with vegetables & rice

Lamb Steak

marinated slices of lamb with fresh oregano, served with vegetables & rice


knuckle of lamb, marinated & cooked in a slow oven with herbs & mixed
peppers, celery & onion, served on mashed potatoes

Lycian Chicken

grilled chicken breast stuffed with mozzarella & spinach, topped with
mushroom sauce & parmesan cheese, served with mashed potatoes

Lamb Gordion Knot

grilled pieces of lamb on a bed of bread cubes, yoghurt & Cilician sauce, topped with butter

Lamb Parcel

skewer with a touch of garlic, wrapped in a special thin bread with tomato sauce & herbs, served on a bed of yoghurt & dressed with butter sauce (midly spiced)

Trojan Horse Lamb

lamb cubes, herbs & diced shallots, wrapped with grilled aubergine slices
served on a bed of aubergine sauce & tomato sauce & rice

Cilicia Special

grilled cubes of lamb, chicken & kofte placed on a nest of matchstick cut potatoes, topped with yoghurt sauce with a hint of garlic, garnished with grilled tomatoes and peppers