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We want to provide really good food at surprisingly affordable prices. Our Head Chef has hand-picked all of our suppliers and we know and trust them to use ethical practices.  We source only the freshest ingredients from local producers (where possible) and our kitchen team forage the rest. Our menu will always change with the seasons and we are delighted when our neighbours bring us to produce from the surrounding area.

You could download the pdf versions of our menus below

    • Main Courses

      Main Courses

    • Chicken Breast

      with thyme-mushroom sauce, served with vegetables & chips

    • Chicken Cubes

      marinated in olive oil with herbs then grilled & served with vegetables & rice

    • Cilicia Special

      grilled cubes of lamb, chicken & kofte placed on a nest of matchstick cut potatoes, topped with yoghurt sauce with a hint of garlic, garnished with grilled tomatoes and peppers

    • Cilician Skewer

      lightly spiced minced lamb combined with peppers & herbs, served with vegetables & rice

    • Kleftico

      knuckle of lamb, marinated & cooked in a slow oven with herbs & mixed
      peppers, celery & onion, served on mashed potatoes

    • Lamb Cubes

      marinated in olive oil, rosemary & oregano then grilled & served with vegetables & rice

    • Lamb Cutlets

      marinated with fresh oregano & grilled, served with vegetables & rice

    • Lamb Gordion Knot

      grilled pieces of lamb on a bed of bread cubes, yoghurt & Cilician sauce, topped with butter

    • Lamb Parcel

      skewer with a touch of garlic, wrapped in a special thin bread with tomato sauce & herbs, served on a bed of yoghurt & dressed with butter sauce (midly spiced)

    • Lamb Steak

      marinated slices of lamb with fresh oregano, served with vegetables & rice

    • Lycian Chicken

      grilled chicken breast stuffed with mozzarella & spinach, topped with
      mushroom sauce & parmesan cheese, served with mashed potatoes

    • Mix Grill

      a selection of marinated lamb cubes, chicken cubes, Cilician
      skewer & lamb cutlet, served with vegetables & rice

    • Sirloin Steak

      grilled & served with caramelized onions, with vegetables & chips

    • Trojan Horse Chicken

      chicken cubes, herbs & diced shallots, wrapped with grilled aubergine slices,
      served on a bed of aubergine sauce & tomato sauce & rice

    • Trojan Horse Lamb

      lamb cubes, herbs & diced shallots, wrapped with grilled aubergine slices
      served on a bed of aubergine sauce & tomato sauce & rice

    • Pasta

      Pasta Dishes

    • Mixed SeaFood Pasta

      with tuna, salmon, swordfish, and creamy sauce

    • Penne

      with chicken, mushroom and cilician sauce

    • Spaghetti Bolognese

      with minced lamb and tomato sauce

    • Cold mezze

      Cold mezze

    • Aubergine Boat (V)

      aubergine stuffed with shallots, tomatoes, currants, pine kernals

    • Aubergine Caviar (V)

      grilled aubergine puree, peppers olive oil, yogurt, a touch of garlic

    • Avocado & Prawns

      prawns on avocado with prawn cocktail sauce

    • Avocado Tricolor (V)

      avocado, tomato, mozzarella

    • Broad Beans (V)

      served with fresh herbs, capsicum

    • Cilician Tabbouleh (V)

      diced mixed vegetables

    • Hummus (V)

      chickpea puree, tahini, olive oil

    • Mango Salad (V)

      mango, cucumber, tomato, onion, olive oil

    • Shak-Shuka (V)

      mediterranean vegetables

    • Stuffed Vine Leaves (V)

      vine leaves, filled with onion, spices, dried blackcurrant and rice

    • Tarama Salad

      cod roe, olive oil

    • Tzatziki (V)

      yoghurt dip with cucumber, mint



    • Calamari

      fried rings of squid with tartar sauce

    • Cilician Hummus (N)

      with diced lamb

    • Courgette Cake (V l

      fried rounds of grated courgette, herb

    • Felafel (V)

      broad bean, chickpea, mixed vegetable with hummus

    • Feta Triangles (V)

      file pastry filled with feta cheese, spinach

    • Garlic Tiger Prawns

      cooked with wine, tomato, olive oil, vegetables

    • Grilled Hallumi (V)

      charcoal grilled goats cheese

    • Lambs Liver

      flour coated

    • Mitite Kofte

      grilled minced lamb meatballs prepared with fresh herbs

    • Mushrooms & Halloumi (V)

      lightly pan-fried mushrooms and halloumi cheese cooked with garlic and spices

    • Spiced Salami

      grilled spicy garlic salami with salad

    • Whitebait

      whitebait in flour, deep fried

    • Vegetarian


    • Aubergine Boat

      aubergine stuffed with shallots, tomatoes, currants, pine kernels & capsicum, served with rice

    • Cilician Musakka

      Mediterranean vegetables topped with Cilician sauce, mozzarella & tomato sauce, served with rice

    • Courgette Cake

      shallow fried rounds of grated courgette, herbs & cheese mixture served with yoghurt & tomato sauce

    • Felafel

      broad beans, chickpeas, mixed vegetable & served with hummus, tabbouleh & salad

    • Stuffed Pepper (Capsicum)

      peppers stuffed with spinach, rice, pine nuts, raisins and herbs, served with salad

    • Vege Pasta

      penne with mixed vegetables in a tomato

    • Cassoulet


    • Calf Liver

      pan fried slice of calf liver with sage flavoured butter sauce served with sauteed potatoes, onion

    • Mousakka

      baked layers of aubergine, potatoes and minced lamb, topped with bechamel sauce served with salad

    • Sauteed Chicken

      cubes of chicken casseroled with tomato, mushroom, garlic

    • Trojan Lamb

      cubes of lamb casseroled with tomato, capsicum, mushroom


      SEAFOOD (Grills are on charcoal)

    • Calamari

      fried rings of squid with tartar sauce and mixed salad

    • Fillet Seabass

      grilled & served on spinach with mushroom & topped with creamy white sauce

    • Garlic Tiger Prawns

      cooked with mixed vegetables & herbs in tomato, olive oil & wine sauce, served with rice

    • Grilled Mixed Seafood

      swordfish, salmon, tiger prawns & breaded crab claws with cream sauce with mashed potatoes

    • Grilled Salmon

      served with Mediterranean vegetables, mashed potato & a creamy wine & herb sauce

    • Sea Bream

      grilled & served with mixed salad & new potatoes

    • Swordfish

      grilled swordfish served with vegetables, mashed potatoes & wine sauce

    • Tiger & Sword Fish

      grilled and served with rice and vegetables

    • Tuna Pepper Steak

      brandy flamed with peppercorns, lemon, oregano served with mixed salad

    • Whole Grilled Sea Bass

      grilled & served with mixed salad & new potatoes

    • Side Dishes

      Side Dishes

    • Avocado Salad (N)

      avocado, onion, tomato, cucumber with special salad dressing

    • Chips

    • Cilician Feta Salad

      organic feta cheese, onion, tomato, cucumber, parsley

    • Cilician Rice

      OPTIONS ( 50p): with currants, mushrooms, almonds or mixed peppers

    • Mixed Green Salad

      roquette, parsley, lettuce, carrot zest, olive oil, sumak, olives
      with olive oil, herb

    • Vegetables

      mushrooms, broccoli, mixed peppers, mangetout and carrots

    • BreakFast

      All served with Bread

    • Basic Breakfast

      bacon, sausage, fried egg and beans

    • Cilician Breakfast

      spicy garlic sausage, fried hallumi cheese, mushroom, tomato, cucumber, olives, fried egg

    • Eggs Benedict (served with melon)

      poached egg with hollandaise sauce on a muffin with a choice of either smoked salmon/ prawns/ smoked ham /spinach with diced shallots

    • English Breakfast

      bacon, sausage, fried egg, grilled tomatoes, baked beans, mushrooms

    • Turkish Breakfast

      egg, turkish sausage, tomato, cucumber, hallumi, file pastry, olives

    • Vegetarian Cilician Breakfast (V)

      vege sausage, fried hallumi cheese, mushroom, tomato, cucumber, olives, poached egg

    • Vegetarian English Breakfast (V)

      vege sausage, baked beans, poached egg, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms

    • More BreakFast

      More Breakfast

    • Double beans on toast (V)

    • Double fried eggs on toast (V)

    • Double mushrooms on toast (V)

    • Double scrambled eggs on toast (V)

    • Double toast with butter (V)

    • Egg, bacon

    • Egg, bacon, beans

    • Egg, beans

    • Egg, hash brown, beans

    • Mushrooms, beans

    • Poached egg on toast (V)

    • Poached egg on toast with beans (V)

    • Poached egg on toast with chips (V)

    • Sausage, beans

    • Sausage, hash brown, beans

    • Vegetarian sausage, beans