Stuffed Vine Leaves (V)

vine leaves, filled with onion, spices, dried blackcurrant and rice

Avocado & Prawns

prawns on avocado with prawn cocktail sauce

Avocado Tricolor (V)

avocado, tomato, mozzarella

Aubergine Boat (V)

aubergine stuffed with shallots, tomatoes, currants, pine kernals

Cilician Tabbouleh (V)

diced mixed vegetables

Mango Salad (V)

mango, cucumber, tomato, onion, olive oil

Shak-Shuka (V)

mediterranean vegetables

Tarama Salad

cod roe, olive oil

Hummus (V)

chickpea puree, tahini, olive oil

Aubergine Caviar (V)

grilled aubergine puree, peppers olive oil, yogurt, a touch of garlic