• Cold mezze

      Cold mezze

    • Aubergine Boat (V)

      aubergine stuffed with shallots, tomatoes, currants, pine kernals

    • Aubergine Caviar (V)

      grilled aubergine puree, peppers olive oil, yogurt, a touch of garlic

    • Avocado & Prawns

      prawns on avocado with prawn cocktail sauce

    • Avocado Tricolor (V)

      avocado, tomato, mozzarella

    • Broad Beans (V)

      served with fresh herbs, capsicum

    • Cilician Tabbouleh (V)

      diced mixed vegetables

    • Hummus (V)

      chickpea puree, tahini, olive oil

    • Mango Salad (V)

      mango, cucumber, tomato, onion, olive oil

    • Shak-Shuka (V)

      mediterranean vegetables

    • Stuffed Vine Leaves (V)

      vine leaves, filled with onion, spices, dried blackcurrant and rice

    • Tarama Salad

      cod roe, olive oil

    • Tzatziki (V)

      yoghurt dip with cucumber, mint



    • Calamari

      fried rings of squid with tartar sauce

    • Cilician Hummus (N)

      with diced lamb

    • Courgette Cake (V l

      fried rounds of grated courgette, herb

    • Felafel (V)

      broad bean, chickpea, mixed vegetable with hummus

    • Feta Triangles (V)

      file pastry filled with feta cheese, spinach

    • Garlic Tiger Prawns

      cooked with wine, tomato, olive oil, vegetables

    • Grilled Hallumi (V)

      charcoal grilled goats cheese

    • Lambs Liver

      flour coated

    • Mitite Kofte

      grilled minced lamb meatballs prepared with fresh herbs

    • Mushrooms & Halloumi (V)

      lightly pan-fried mushrooms and halloumi cheese cooked with garlic and spices

    • Spiced Salami

      grilled spicy garlic salami with salad

    • Whitebait

      whitebait in flour, deep fried